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All Over Bins - Skip Bin Hire Melbourne

All Over Bins – Skip bins, Mini Bins and Rubbish Bins for hire in Melbourne and surrounding suburbs.

All Over Bins is a Rubbish Skip, Mini Bin and Bin hire company based in Melbourne. We have a large range of rubbish skips and bins for hire all with prompt delivery throughout Melbourne.

Not only do we have Rubbish bins and rubbish skip hire in Melbourne, as our name suggests we go “ALL OVER” so if you are in the Eastern Suburbs, Northern Suburbs, South Eastern Suburbs or Western Suburbs we can look after you too.

We have a large range of skip bins and mini bins available for hire in Melbourne, from 2.5 to 23 cubic metres.

All Over Bins prides its self on its reputation of being not only a rubbish bin, mini bin and Skip bin hire company in Melbourne, but also as a market leader in the waste management industry. To us picking up a rubbish skip or skip bin also means thinking GREEN too.

It’s easy to think that what we do or what you do is such a small part of the big picture so why bother however most businesses and home owners are becoming more aware and want to help. The increase in general awareness of recycling and the benefits to the environment are now front of mind with people asking to do more. We believe in recycling the waste we pick up and work with the transfer stations to maximise the recycle rate for every load.

Call us now to book your Rubbish Skip, Waste Skip or Rubbish Bin and we can deliver it to you in all areas of Melbourne including the Eastern Suburbs, Northern Suburbs, South Eastern Suburbs or Western Suburbs.





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