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Frequently Asked Questions

While we look forward to answering your questions in person, the information below may be able to answer any queries you might have when ordering a Rubbish skip or Bin.

How high can I load bins?

All rubbish bins and skips have a maximum height fill point which is to the height on the side wall of the bin, no higher.

Can I get my own skip permit?

No, we are accredited with all councils and we deal with them directly as all councils have different permits and requirement for rubbish bins and skips.

What can or can't go in the bin?

see list below.


Bricks, Titles, Roof tiles, Concrete, Dirt, Sand, Asphalt, Green waste, Furniture, Crushed Rock, Timber, Laminate, Blue stone, Mattresses - at a cost, Tyres - at a cost, Sleepers, Sporting equipment, Paper, Documents, Tree stumps - Up to 30cm in diameter.
NO Asbestos, Contaminated soil, Food scraps, Large tree stumps, Liquids, Oils, Paint, Gas bottles/cylinders.


Do you recycle my waste?

We work with the transfer stations to maximise the recycle rate for every load.

We are a member of Waste Management Association of Australia and have been for the past 30 years.

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